what kind of leader are u?

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when r u going 2 clean up haiti?

how long will it take?

do u think it is fair that haitian family in haiti should b depend on familys away from haiti?

why should families have 2 work 2 to 3 jobs so they have 2 send western union every day and minute to haiti all because there is no progress in this country...u do not worry about your living condition you are okay-u r not hungry-u r not homeless u have a clean home-haiti is in ruins--i have yet 2 c progress since u became president.

look how u r killing ur own peoples-they r dying 2 survive

step up mr president.its not about you....its about the people trying 2 survive the pits of HAITI

B Black, May 8 2007, 12:01 PM

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I agree with everything you just wrote, Preval is not doing is job,his too busy doing i don't know what to care. The... read more >
Fabie, 12-May-07 10:43 am


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