Open letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon

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Open letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon and former Presidents of the United States of America, gentlemen Bill Clinton and George W. Bush


Figure 1: Paul Gustave Magloire

34;President René Préval is preparing a genocide in Haiti"


Presidents and Secretary General

We want to thank you for honoring our country with your presence after the terrible earthquake that devastated the Haitian capital and several nearby towns.

According to estimates, the earthquake has killed about 270,000 people injured and resulted 450.000 created 1.350 million new homeless in a country where already 72% of the population lived in terrible poverty.

Thus, January 12, 2010 will remain in our collective memory as the saddest day in our history.

This disaster is not only due to the fact of unleashing the forces of nature, but in large part to the negligence of those who govern us. And thanks to the actions of this government and its partners we are moving now towards a disaster even bigger than the one we just experienced.

Then, according to geologists, the earth continues to tremble indicates that we still run the risk of being struck by another major earthquake.

Thus, we ask you to stay as long as possible on the back to keep the spotlight of international media fixed on our disappointments.

In fact, when you visit the country, you will have seen the catastrophic state of the situation: more than one million people live for over two months in rudimentary shelters, beaten by heavy rain and dried by the sun burning in a deplorable sanitary environment.

And this situation will last much longer, despite the risk of infectious diseases and hurricanes that could decimate the population, creating one of the greatest tragedies of this century, the gates of the Americas.

But when tragedy strikes our country, it will be the work of the bad faith of those who govern us and especially of President René Préval. And because it has the potential to cause the death of tens of thousands of people, this is a case of genocide.

Indeed, in the days that followed the earthquake, the population of Port-au-Prince began to move spontaneously from the capital to provincial cities in search of a more welcoming environment.

At this time, the government had a duty to support this movement and seek to mobilize resources that can help cities of provinces to accommodate the newcomers.

Because we were always in favor of decentralization of the capital and the decentralization of the country, we have made public suggestions on how the government could encourage people to continue to move to the provinces and the how government authorities could come to the aid of municipal authorities whose cities received large numbers of refugees from the capital and its environs.

The response of Mr Preval, who has always been opposed to decentralization for ideological reasons or rather political expediency, had said publicly that the majority of people who were in the streets, came from residential areas and that these people preferred stay in the capital to be closer to their homes.

Certainly, there was very little truth in this statement.

For the vast majority of this population comes from disadvantaged areas of the capital and is composed largely of families who migrated to the capital in search of work and improving their living conditions.

Most certainly, a responsible government and with a little humanity in his heart for his people, would have benefited from this situation as an opportunity to offer hundreds of thousands of men, women and children a fresh start in a more decent and more secure in the provincial towns.

But the only opportunity that Mr. Preval and his acolytes had seen in all this was that of making money and lots of money.

Indeed, Mr Preval said anyone who would listen that he needed 200,000 tents for the homeless, because his followers are the main suppliers of the state.

In fact, the first tents have arrived in the country were sold at high prices on the market.

Then there was a rumor that made her believe that each owner was trying to get later one of the houses that the government would build with the 3 billion that would help get the international community.

No need to say that the tents were then sold for high prices, that the people had fooled again and that Mr. René Préval and his cronies have enriched themselves more.

Today, as reported by human rights organizations in the cities of tents which Mr. Préval has encouraged the establishment by the hundreds in the capital, women, even children are raped with impunity as soon as night falls, and this population lives in total disregard of those who govern us. And if Mr. René Préval remains in power and nothing changes before the arrival of the hurricane season, there is great risk that we still have thousands more dead. Frustration grows as well. This is a situation to advance a case of genocide that the international community is still able to avoid.

Haiti's history is marked by small efforts for the development of this nation after two centuries of independence and decline after the decline now is the poorest in the Americas region.

In fact, if after this terrible earthquake, all over the world, we are currently building plans, do you want in there, we are still far from a solution that could improve the living conditions of our population.

For plans, there has always been, but what has always failed in our country, honesty, commitment and sense of fairness in those who govern.

Today, the situation is worse than it has ever been because we have a mafia that dominates the power through their straw man, President René Préval. The atmosphere of corruption that is undermining the functioning of the country will prevent projects happen because the money will, in large part diverted from their goal.

My country is going through the time of living dangerously.

And the greatest of these dangers is that it is run by a corrupt government to the core and that seeks only its own interests and those of his cronies, but not those of the Haitian people for whom it has no consideration.

Mr Preval is a character who does not hesitate to hire thugs known as very close associates.

It organizes elections rigged and has no respect for democratic norms.

So in return he does not enjoy the confidence of the population nor the moral authority that is so necessary in this difficult period that runs through our nation.

Thus, for the love of God, do not abandon the Haitian people to thank you for a handful of profiteers.

For action by Mr René Préval and his acolytes will bring undoubtedly Haiti to genocide, unless we stop it before it's too late.

Presidents and Mr. Secretary General, we are honored to welcome you on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Paul G. Magloire, March 26 2010, 5:57 PM

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