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Special Thanks To All Those Supporters of Me on This Blog
First, I would like to say that this blog has been managed by the Haitian elites to trap educated and competent Haitian people in the Diaspora.

It is not a site owns by Preval as you may have thought of it. It is question of control on who is against the elites' interests in Haiti.

The latter is a colony for an immigrant elite that claims Haiti for its country.

The Haitian elites have some bloggers to defend their interests and mislead everyone.

They want Haitians to be unaware of their mishandling of their owned internal colony.

All they are doing is to spread confusion and divide Haitians.

I thank all of you that support my claims for a better Haiti.

We must come out from ugliness to treat others with love dignity and compassion.

I will not be discouraged to express my thoughts on this blog although I keep continue to receive calls from them for negotiations and some of them even ask me to stop revealing true information about their mismanagement of Haiti, for that might lead to Haitians' uprisal movements.

However, my mandate on this blog is to make Haitians aware of politics of divisiveness, corruption, political assassinations, and route causes of Haitians' conflicts, its illiteracy problem, and others.

I cannot shut up, for the Haitian elites do not treat Haitians with dignity, respect and as human beings as well. Haitians are strong and resilient and they deserve more than that. I am fighting against the exile of all those well educated Haitians overseas that can help Haiti grow and develop.

All Haitians in exile should return home in the new Haiti.

Lakay se lakay.

I do not need money for I have enough to live and I am not a presidential candidate.

I feel sorry for anyone that wants to become the new puppet president of Haiti if the suggested reforms are not implemented.

The new presidents should start from the scratch:
1. Termination of all Haitian public employees should be mandatory.

They should form a new hiring commission to hire new competent Haitian employees to do the Haitian jobs within the delay of one month.

All those executive directors within the Haitian administration should be terminated, for their management proves to be a failure for the past 206 years.

With this we will remove the sons, daughters, aunts and uncles of those family elites that paralyze all Haitian public institutions through money laundering and other forms of corruption.

Doing this will liberate Haiti's administrative power and the new president will not be a puppet anymore.

2. The elites should control the political power outside of the government and not on the inside with their family members holding executive positions to divert Haitian funds destined to improve people's lives.

This sort of self-enriching elite practices through the Haitian public administration should come to an end to free Haiti from its internal oppressors.

The Haitian elites are the oppressors...

3. We must create a large middle class and open Haiti's economy to foreign investments to end the elites' monopoly in Haiti...

4. Haiti should join the circle of the interdependence international community to alleviate the economic burden upon the shoulders of these immigrant elites in Haiti to avoid a bloodbath, for Chen Grangou ka Mode.
5. We must work hard for a total liberation of Haiti for all Haitians-the exiled ones, the mulatto sons and daughters from non- merchant parents, dark skin Haitians and all. Haitians should not fear any other Haitians.

Rich Haitians should stop purchasing expensive blended and tinted window cars to protect themselves and all those expenses are passing on to Haitians.

As we may be aware, the Haitian elites never chose the path of political stability in Haiti and that is why we have confrontation all times, for corruption, monopoly, control of the administration, money laundering and political divisiveness cannot promote peace and stability.

They love that when this country is down to keep others in exile.

Haiti must die and I will continue to advocate on its behalf.

6. For my fellows, there will be no bloodbath and that is not my social revolution is about.

If we are successful, we can provide a new social basis path to this corrupted elite or it will leave on its own to a better country where the elite members feel belong or connected to. We cannot force them to live in a country that they have no urge or need to develop it and that will end their racism toward this black nation.

7. Haiti is the poorest country on earth because it is the first black nation.

It is the poorest nation because it is under an internal colony with the elites controlling its administration.

It is the poorest country because we have an elite that likes managing poverty than economic developments.

It is the poorest country because it is a victim of double racism and discrimination.

On one hand we are cursed and hated by the mulattoes and on the other hand we are being paid the price of being the first independent black republic against the global hegemony and dependence of a white imposed world.

Napoleon Bonaparte said: Laisser Haiti cuir dans son jus. This curse has been followed and implemented by all European nations including U.S. and Canada, for they are all Europeans from the origins of the New World.

We need to educate ourselves to understand the elites' games on this blog.
8. We must identify all political blame-game accusations on this site to free Haiti from its internal oppressors.

Haiti must not die and we are the ones to save it.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and supports and I will not run as the elite members on this blog have directly expressed it through their postings.

Dessalines The Avenger, March 26 2010, 9:35 AM

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