Richard Kroll, Why can't Haitians ever be creative? Why do...

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Richard Kroll,

Why can't Haitians ever be creative?

Why do Haitians keep copying the white man's systems/programs/strategies and plans?

I wish that Haitians could stop following the master all over the place like little puppies and realize that re-forestation in Haiti will never work and will never become a reality until they provide/introduce a new combustible alternative to the country.

Those damn trees will grow only to get chopped down again for the next few sacs of charcoal.

Even the cave man and all the monkeys doing break dancing on the tress in the jungles of Africa know very well that you cannot stop/bar/ban or get rid of a system that people have been using since the beginning of time without providing them with an alternative and expect these new trees to grow and live or stay standing.

It will never work!

If Haitians are really serious about stopping deforestation in Haiti someone with at leat half brain needs to introduce "kerosine stoves" to all people in Haiti as the supreme charcoal alternative.

These are the kind of stoves the entire caribbean islands use. These stoves come in 1, 2, 3, and 4 burners, and stand up on 4 legs.

It takes only one gallon of kerosine that can last awhole week. Haitian people have been using kerosine in their "lamp tetgridap" for light in their homes.

These stoves are cost saving, convenient, durable, and extremely efficent.

With those kerosine stoves in use in Haitian homes, reforestation will be the most successful program in just 5 years.

Tiba, March 10 2010, 7:20 PM

Topic: Re-forestation as a part of Haiti's recovery

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Richard Kroll, 10-Mar-10 11:29 am
Richard Kroll, Why can't Haitians ever be creative? Why do Haitians keep copying the white man's... read more >
Tiba, 10-Mar-10 7:20 pm
That idea was tried in the 1960s and it failed miserably. read more >
Jpb, 10-Mar-10 7:36 pm
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Patrick Fleurant, 10-Mar-10 7:39 pm
Jpb What idea that was tried in the 1960s and failed, kerosine stoves? If so, what was the reason it failed? read more >
Tiba, 10-Mar-10 7:54 pm
Welll Tiba I beg to differ But what had the black men do to provoke admiration? It should not be a matter of white men... read more >
Hans Duperoi, 10-Mar-10 8:40 pm
Sorry guys I meant to write What have the black men done... of course read more >
Hans Duperoi, 10-Mar-10 9:13 pm
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Tiba, 11-Mar-10 7:30 am
Patrick, u r obviously one of the new Haitians who have no idea of the respect that Haiti had all over the world prior... read more >
Linda, 13-Mar-10 6:59 pm
Linda please, j’aimerais que tu reviennes sur terre. Car tu sembles etre dans l’air. Tu parles comme si Haiti... read more >
Kiki, 13-Mar-10 11:35 pm
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