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You will be proven wrong how fast Dr. Aristide will return to Haiti.

It is quite unfortunate that you are treating me a peasant, semi illiterate, and you have no concept of sovereignty and self respect for your own country.

The fact that most of our leaders only knows how to beg to get by. I believe that Aristide will return, the respect of Haiti will be made on the international front.

Please refrain from trying to insult me< I am most stronger than you and your family combined.

You just have to do better than that I promise you.
Unfortunately I do not understand your analogy of Sam Beckett's vis a vis my belief of Aristide return.

I hope that as soon as real elections are organized in Haiti, that you realized that only a popular movement will satisfy the appetite of the Haitian people, unless you are one of those people who believe that Haitians are peasant incapable of making their own decisions.

You need to accept this statement as a fact of Haitian debacle, then you will stop betraying Haiti by cooperating with the ennemies of Haiti, Traitor


Jan Ou Wel La, May 1 2007, 5:48 AM

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You will be proven wrong how fast Dr. Aristide will return to Haiti. It is quite unfortunate that you are treating me... read more >
Jan Ou Wel La, 1-May-07 5:48 am
I think your poem is nice but I disagree with a lot of your comments. I am unwilling to judge any president;however,I... read more >
Max Johnson, 1-May-07 11:40 am
Hey le Nostalgique! Ki kote ou we sa ki ale tounen? Ou janm we pen 4 pou 15 nan potowens anko? "Il faut laisser le... read more >
Haitian Girl, 1-May-07 4:51 pm
si nou pa gade peyi nou an kounyeya nou pap janm we wout limye nan peyin. li le pou nou soti nan ke nou lespri ansyen... read more >
Udony, 1-May-07 5:18 pm
Mwen kontan we mesaj ou a paske mwen se yon jen fi ki ap etidye nan peyi etranje, mwen we kijan ke tout moun mete tet... read more >
Haitian Girl, 1-May-07 10:14 pm
We are still a free nation the troops are on a mission Each country depends on each other USA is using foreign oil for... read more >
Robert Magic, 1-May-07 10:22 pm
Mwen Byen kontan ke ou panse konsa, ou se youn nan moun ki panse ke Ayiti se pou blan yo li ye. Aristid te Ale, li... read more >
Jan Ou Wel La, 2-May-07 11:49 am
Mwen pa gen anyen kont peson mwen se pitit yon soyet ki jwenn yon chans poum ale pou pi devan men si peyi ap mache ou... read more >
Haitian Girl, 2-May-07 12:19 pm
Mwen pa gen Pwoblem ak sa ou di ya, mwen vle ke ou sipote pozisyon ou. Kom ou di ou te gen chans pou al aprann li kay... read more >
Jan Ou W L La, 2-May-07 2:29 pm
Let me tell you, it's a black thing to beg with no pride, and complaint when we hurt ourselves. I always believe with... read more >
D. Pierre, 11-May-07 12:06 pm
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