community service will help haiti

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Hey jean Max

You're so right about the lack of pride we have of being haitian.

We need to understand we as a people and forget about I'm. We can do community service and do funraising while we are in Haiti, I just left Cameroon, Africa(Limbe in volunteer electrical plan solar) The project start with the African community and while we were there we ask for help on the ambassy all of them not money but resources for the project we make a plan together and we told them where we at and where we wanted to be and the give us a limited time to accomplish it, all of us were volunteer from every where, I was the only Haitian with tears and cannot understand why I cannot serve my country like that. It was a volunyteer job with tipen meaning we slept together outside we ate the same food we drunk the same water and we share same goal even we came from different states, different nation, different race but we had one one goal only to put together a power plan. We must know how to say we we we we and forget about I I.

The president cannot govern the country by himself he nneeds us speacialy the one in diaspora we need to help Haiti.

I came with an idea in the US to be a nurse that's all as I saw Haiti startto shrink I shift my career, I'm a Nurse, and receive my bachelor in criminal Justice, MBA in organizational psychology and now PHD. Public policy and Administration concentred in Policy Analysis.

I did all these studies not for me but to prepare as a good volunteer to help my country I felt each part of my study is connected the a specific area of need in Haiti.

My resume look so crazy until I met one senator in DC who told me" I hope one day you fulfill your dream" he was emazed after I explain to him why I study different major, I did with Haiti in mind and I did all my study with pride and I'm magna cum laudae student because Haiti have good to offer to others not only the sadness and the begging all over. I just want to let you know Mr president I will be 100 % volunteer to my country, I'm a mother of two kids and a pride haitian citizen, I always let my kids look at my passport, we are not US citizen but we are Haitan us citizen that mean a lot to me.




Andrise, May 12 2007, 9:15 PM

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