I'm tired of this praying crap you guys talking ab

Jean Batiste - April 24 2007, 12:35 PM

Praying, Praying and Praying some more! Dam I'm tired of it.

God is good all time, Yes I agree.

If praying was a solution to Haiti problem, Haiti would have been saved by now. God needs us to help ourselves before he can help us. Over 200 years we have been praying and it make us the poorest country in the Caribbean, and we will be praying for another 200 years if we don't take action.

Take action than pray we will see result but pray take no action=no result.

What will it be for the next 20 years?

I will take action than pray while I'm doing it.

Response to:

I am a diaspora like you,and I don't think we should...


i think that will help haiti

tell me what ya think. i think we the diaspora's can make haiti move foward without begging other nations to help us...

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