i think that will help haiti

Jules - April 22 2007, 9:55 AM

tell me what ya think.

i think we the diaspora's can make haiti move foward without begging other nations to help us. when we beg them they say yes, but its an empty promise which 60% of the time they will not follow through.

if we decide to send $20 a month to the government that should be enough to make them stop begging other nations to run the country.

and all the fake friends will become true friend because then we will not give a f?ck about them. so they will come offering their help without us asking.

we can do it. there are more than two million of us. so $20x 2m= 40m a month that will do a lot. so think about it for a minute

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New Kid On The Block says...

Jules your idea is good, but we need a frame work in place to make it happen, As I said it over and over, preval has... more »

Jules says...

the haitian government should talk to us the diasporas before they go beg other nations. thats why others have no... more »

Louinel Jean says...

I am a diaspora like you,and I don't think we should wait for the government to come begg us for anything if we... more »

Jean Batiste says...

Praying, Praying and Praying some more! Dam Iā€™m tired of it. God is good all time, Yes I agree. If praying was a... more »

Jules says...

all we want is for the government to make an account number available to us where we can just go make donations... more »