I believe it's the right time now to flush thoses As holes...

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I believe it's the right time now to flush thoses As>holes out of Haiti for good.
Started with Meuz family, Madsen,Accra, Ben and the rest of the crowd of the Haitian so-called elites.

Meuz have distroy the Haitian economy by selling everything to the Dominican Republic stated with HASCO.

we need to kill all the bastards involve with Haiti deterioration.

Look now we do not have nothing to rebuilt Haiti.

not even ciment D'haiti to produce cements for the reconstruction.all cements will coming from the Dominican Republic ( the cause of that is Meuz and the gov thieves)
Acierie D'haiti is dead (the cause is Meuz and the gov Thieves) now all the steel will coming from DR.

we don't need those guys in the Country, therefor if we let them go untouch they can come back it's best to kill them all.
The old Haiti needed them.
The new Haiti will not need them.it's okay for Clinton to go to them because.

The Diapora is watching in full force all monkey busness for now, we, very patient like Siafu.

Jean P Alexandre, February 13 2010, 6:19 PM

Topic: Bill Clinton and Haiti's Syrian/Lebanon Elites

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Is is that you Haitians possess no self-esteem, self-confidence that you think some brutal dictator was "better" than... read more >
Nadege, 13-Feb-10 1:02 pm
Here again is what is wrong. Both of you are passionate over the issue, then we agree to disagree. this doesn't work... read more >
Joe, 13-Feb-10 4:58 pm
How could you be passionate about ignorance? How could anyone justify the Duvalier regime that was responsible for the... read more >
Nadege, 13-Feb-10 5:10 pm
nadege I know that you are not talking to me. I can see that you do a lot of research. a lot of what you say are true... read more >
Tififi, 13-Feb-10 5:29 pm
I'll say it again: If Aristide had "blood on his hands," as you said, he would be in power right now and not in a... read more >
Nadege, 13-Feb-10 5:43 pm
I believe it's the right time now to flush thoses As> holes out of Haiti for good. Started with Meuz... read more >
Jean P Alexandre, 13-Feb-10 6:19 pm
Nadege, I happen to be twice your age & lived in a beautiful place called " La Perle Des Antilles " The Duvalier... read more >
Joe, 13-Feb-10 9:37 pm
Hello Joe: The "black power" movement started way before Duvalier, so the truth is others paved the way for him. I'm... read more >
Nadege, 13-Feb-10 10:19 pm
I am proud of your patriotism and one day you will get a voice too. We forgive all our former presidents after 24... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 14-Feb-10 12:02 am
Nadege, Thank you for the concern you've showed. I left Haiti in 1964 & currently living in CA. plan on going to Haiti... read more >
Joe, 14-Feb-10 12:57 pm
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