This is the problem with some Haitians. As I always believe...

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This is the problem with some Haitians.

As I always believe, the master just got to give a small chicken wing to some Haitians and they'll get them do the monkey dance and bark like dogs. And this is the sipirit in which Trebu is talking.

I keep asking myself, can Haitians, like Trebu, ever try to get some decency, moral, values, dignity, integrity, and learn to stand up for something?

Granted, Haiti is poor, granted Haiti is now crossing the worst challenges of mankind, but people like Trebu must understand that Haiti is still a country and a country with laws even though its laws are not being enforced.

Trebu must tell me how much they would get away with it if one Haitian or a group of Haitians were trying to cross the border of any country illegally with a group of children they have kidnapped would?

If something like that would happen, I am positive that Trebu would be the very first person to denounce these Haitians on television, the newspapers, and on the radio.

There is no doubt in my mind that Trebu would be the first to advocate the highest punishment and condemnation to those Haitian.

Trebu would be the first demanding that those Haitians get *sses fried crispy in prison for life because this is how much Trebu respects the laws of the master's land/country.

I am sure that Trebu wants the freedom of these so-called missionaries purely and simply because they are WHITE AMERICANS, and he (Trebute) doesn't think that they have any responsibility and obligation to obey the Haitian laws.

This is the kind of thinking and attitude coming from these type of Haitians that keeps Haiti from becoming a country of law and order.

It is as if the Haitian laws must apply ONLY to Haitian citizens but NOT to foreigners especially if they happen to be white American masters.

Trebu uses Americans as being the biggest contributors to the earthquake catastrophy to give a leg to his argument, and therefore, the government should treat the matter as if nothing ever happened.

Well, Trebu, if you would pull your head out of the sand and look back at history for a quick minute, you would realize that the Haitians were in Savannah, GA in 1776 to free this country from colonization.

The Haitians were the biggest allies of the United States during WWII, France was forced to sell the state of Louisiana to the US because of the Haitians, etc. etc...

and yet, Haitians are still not welcome to the United States.

Haitians still have to fight just to stay one more day in this country.

My point is, according to your logic, the master has God given rights to keep Haitians from crossing his border and coming to his shores illegally, but at the same time, the master has God's given rights to come to Haiti and try to cross the border illegally with a group of Haitian children that they have kidnapped.

And on top of it, you have the nerve to instruct members of the blog on how to talk.

Tiba, February 7 2010, 8:44 AM


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This is the problem with some Haitians. As I always believe, the master just got to give a small chicken wing to some... read more >
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Katia, 7-Feb-10 12:03 pm
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