You think people are taking you seriously. We are the most...

Trebu Patriote - February 6 2010, 4:19 PM

You think people are taking you seriously.

We are the most corrupted nation in the face of the earth.

If we were a nation with laws and order Préval, the government, the judges, the senators and the assemblyman will already be in jail longtime ago.

Where are the 197 millions of us dollars marked for the victims of 2008 hurricane?It is strange you are asking for respect now after the earthquake.

You depend on foreign countries for everything.

You cannot feed yourself.

You cannot deliver healthcare to your people.

You are a nation of what....This earthquake is to help you open your eyes, to behave differently and to think differently.

Swallow your pride and eat the sinistré.

Préval and his cronies won't get a penny.

They can keep the missionaries in jail and release the real kidnappers and the killers like their friend Amaral Duclona.

But the international community will lead the effort to rebuild Haiti.

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Préval and the Prime Minister should do everything in their power to release the American Missionaries. They have...

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