To you again Trebu. During 911, Katrina and so on. you mean to...

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To you again Trebu.

During 911, Katrina and so on. you mean to tell me that the US suspended all kinds of arrestation because they were dealing with some serious issues that were " more important" right?

How dare I would be to come to the US and load my van with 30 American children to go to Mexico or Canada.

Before I would even be able to smell my idea, I would see my portrait all over the media saying that I had this ambition.

and if I would really dare to take these american children, Amber Alert would be all over the country looking for me. The American Police would arrest me and throw me in jail in the US and do my time for wathever lenght it would be and if I am not a US citizen, after my time, they would deport me to my country.

Let's reverse now!
They went to Haiti thinking it's easy prey. no law, a lot of people get away with a lot of wrong doing.

Well this time, fortunately for us, we had the law. thanks to this vigilant Police officer, who probably is a good protective father himself.

I am waiting to see if he is not going to be rewarded.

I know that's his job too, but, he was more attentive than others.

I bet that was not the first 30 children.

to return to our onions, reverse for me Trebu:

the American came to my country and took 33 children and off to another country.

Got caught by our vigilant Police officer.

Our law should apply.

Throw them in jail and give them what they deserve.

Guess what Trebu, we do not have the bail thing you are talking about.

You go to prison and stay until thay beleive it's enough for you.

That translates into in Haiti, the true criminals go to prison and STAY IN PRISON one and for all. We do not release criminals into the streets.

New criminals might come along and commit crimes, but when thay get caught, they stay. Contrary to the US, every other guy is on PROBATION.

what the Hell with that. Gota kidnapper, throw kidnapper in prison, serve time and deport kidnapper.

And since when people could go over a border to another country with 33 children WITHOUT any visa?

Santo Domingo is ANOTHER COUNTRY.They would have arrestyed her there anyway for that. Every part of her story is ILLEGAL!
sHE LOOKED FOR VULNERABLE PARENTS from the woods, and promise them heaven and earth to take their children to all kind of posible bad things she had in store for her and thought she ocould put the name of God in front of her scam.
A lot of them are known for that kind of behavior, some pastors, not all of them, you know there are always some true ones. they go to Haiti, got settled in some remote cities and got praised like they are the true GOD and be succesfull as they can be as the best SEX OFFENDER in the area. The children do not even know if they are being sexually abused.

you have to know what abuse is to recognize it sometimes.You can't imagine how many tourists have done this to our children.

Our government never enforced these laws, because they are often too busy securing ONE member of the govenment like 15 police officers as body guard to ONE man going to the supermarket.

You know, I thak again this Police officer and he should be promoted to a service for protection of children.


Anyway Trebu, Too bad!

Katia, February 7 2010, 12:03 PM


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To you again Trebu. During 911, Katrina and so on. you mean to tell me that the US suspended all kinds of arrestation... read more >
Katia, 7-Feb-10 12:03 pm
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