As a result of the indoctrination and deceptive propaganda of...

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As a result of the indoctrination and deceptive propaganda of the U.S. media: CNN, Fox News, etc ...

- many U.S. Citizens and Haitians from the diaspora in United States think that the united States is such a big deal ...

They think they are all that.
"Doum plen pa fe bwi. Se doum vid ki fe bwi" - Haitian proverb.

The truth is ...

"The United States contributed $2.32 per American to Haiti over the last three years for which we have data (about 80 cents a year).

That's much less than other countries do, even though Haiti is in our hemisphere and has historic close ties to the U.S. For example, Canada contributed $12.13 per person to Haiti over three years, and Norway sent $8.44.
Other countries that contribute more, per capita, to Haiti than the U.S. are Luxembourg, Sweden, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium.

True, there are more Americans, so collectively our aid amounts to more than one-quarter of the pot in Haiti,...

Given the per capita sums, we have no right to be bragging about our generosity in Haiti."
Read more at The New Times Web site by Nicholas D. Kristof of The New York Times.

The truth will set all of us free!

Nicholas Davis, January 24 2010, 4:16 PM

Topic: Wyclef Jean - Stanley Lucas: Bad choice for Haiti

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Restaino, 24-Jan-10 4:07 pm
As a result of the indoctrination and deceptive propaganda of the U.S. media: CNN, Fox News, etc... - many U.S... read more >
Nicholas Davis, 24-Jan-10 4:16 pm
I am not a hater.... Actually I love Wyclef. I think that he is a brilliant musician that clearly enhanced the image... read more >
Restaino, 24-Jan-10 4:26 pm
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Jean Pierre, 24-Jan-10 4:42 pm
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Tibodo, 12-Feb-10 8:07 pm
What are their qualifications? Did they run any administrative office? What are their educational backgrounds? Come up... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 12-Feb-10 8:24 pm
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