Talking is good

Mark - March 28 2007, 5:53 PM

I think it's good that we talk about the problems Haiti faces as long as it is positive and constructive.

Talking will eventually lead to a solution and even persuade people to get involve and help. I support you completely in calling that we help create jobs in Haiti.

It's sad to see our brothers and sisters risking and losing their life at sea because they're in search of a better life. There's better days ahead.

Years ago I wasn't that insterested in Haiti, i loved it but I never thought of actually doing something to help. But as I started talking about Haiti i got interested and now i want to help. 10 years from now I'll be thirty five my plan by then is to go back and start my own business and also contribute to the betterment of Haitian society.

As for now my goal is to get my Master's degree and invest so i will the finances to launch my own business.

If each one of us does a little our country will change.

I've been the voice who keeps telling everybody to stop relying on the international community, blaming one another as Haitians we have to get ourselves out of this misery.

It's not enough that we were the first black republic who defeated the mighty french army we need to be a functioning, prosperous, and democratic black republic.


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