Toward a Progressive Social Revolution in Haiti

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To start with, we must identify the social economic barriers preventing us from reforming the country.

We must call for a Land Reform and Public Administration Reform as well. We must nationalize the Haitian land in order to take all the agricultural lands from the catholic church.

The church is an accomplice of the corrupted political system and that is why the state of Haiti tolerates the catholic church in the appropriation of most of Haiti's agricultural lands.

We cannot develop economic projects' developments in Haiti without calling for a Land Reform in Haiti.

Many people and especially catholic Christians died and they left their lands to the catholic church in all Haitian provinces and those church followers who died were brainwashed by the church to pass those lands to them for the salvation of their souls.

The Haitian catholic Christians will be very mad to hear those truths and they will argue against me because they have been brainwashed with the opium of the church which subdue them to accept their poverty as normal to save their souls.

Haitians should not be Christians if they knew their history but they are so brainwashed by the church opium and they silently accept their poverty and they will fight to protect the catholic church and the protestant churches as well. Those churches are in Haiti to drive us more into poverty and they are the big supporters of the economic elites of Haiti.

We will be nothing and we will always be treated as beggars, liars and racketeerians working to please the mulattoes and those churches in order word we will be considered as pariahs as well. Next, we must fire all public employees of the Haitian Administration for real reforms to occur.

We must close Cassation Court, Cour Superieure Des Comptes and the Haitian Parliament to replace them by new qualified people.

We must close the Chamber of Commerce and replace it by a new one with real competent business people.

Finally, we must reduce the size of the government to only 5% of public employees and finance Haitian private contractors to create jobs on behalf of the Haitian people.

We must close all Haitian Diplomatic missions throughout the whole world, for those pariahs are getting paid for nothing.

We must sign some partnership contracts with U.S. or Canada to allow one Consul and one secretary to work on behalf of the Haitian government within their diplomatic missions like all those Commonwealth Countries do with British or U.S. We must do Haitian Passports in Haiti only due to the fact we will reduce the size of the Haitian government.

We will privatize the whole system by empowering and allowing private Haitian contractors to create jobs for the Haitian people.

The Haitian government must control the roads, mailing system, water management and the New passport administration.

We must disengage the Haitian state by allowing Haitian private contractors to create jobs on behalf of the Haitian people.

We must reform the educational system by allowing all Haitians to learn in their language which is creole.

The Haitian Creole should be the only official language of Haiti and all Haitian books must be published in Haitian Creole and the progress will come there.

The Haitian government must create agencies to oversee the work of those private contractors to prevent corruption in Haiti.

The Haitian government must create a central agency called Government office of Accountability to ethically oversee private and public administrations.

If we can do all that a progressive social revolution will take place in Haiti and the conditions of all Haitians will be improved on the Haitian soil. We must pass a dual citizenship law to allow all Haitians to return in Haiti with this reconstruction Phase I. We will have three different reconstruction phases in reforming the administration of the state of Haiti.

Bring ideas and do not fight against me for no reason.

Just tell me what you will add and how you can achieve that. We must reform Haiti through a Progressive Social Revolution otherwise we will fail...

Mathieu Derisse, January 10 2010, 1:05 AM

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