Mathieu Derisse, Your idea would have been good only if it was...

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Mathieu Derisse,

Your idea would have been good only if it was not loaded with misinformation and bad choice of words.

You claimed that Catholic Church in Haiti owns all or almost all the agricultural lands, and that is a false and misinformation charge.

There are two forms of estate lands in Haiti and there are: as you stated "agricultural lands" and "construction lands."

Catholic Church in Haiti does NOT own "agricultural lands." However, Catholic Church owns endless acres of "construction lands" in Haiti.

Catholic Church owns these construction lands whether through purchasing, or like you mentioned, through donation from dying people.

On the other hand, great percentage of the agricultural lands in Haiti is owned by the elite and by those in position of power.

The farmers take out loans from those in the elite that they have to repay.

Those in position of power would also intentionally make malicious deals with the farmers, and anytime the farmers cannot repay those loans and cannot keep their promises to those in posiotion of power, they (the farmers) then lose their lands to those bastards.

Second, you keep calling for the closing of all Haitian embassies and the closing of the superior court, the cassassion, etc..

the word "closing" is a poor choice of word. These institutions cannot be closed down but their personnel needs to be changed or replaced.

Thirdly, the entire system cannot be privatized as you called for, and why not?

You may ask. Simple! the government needs and must have revenue sources.

No government on the planet cannot survive let alone function without cash (money) and assets.

Furthermore, in any country on the planet, roads, water, communication system, mail service, and aviation system have always owned and run by the federal government or the central government because these specific infrastructures constitute the core elements of the national security and sovereinty of the country.

Also, we have to be careful cheerleading for "privatization" in Haiti because privatization doesn't always translate into prosperity or a good thing especially for a country like Haiti.

For example, over 50% of Haiti's entrepises is privatized a long time ago, but none of these entreprises is in operation.

They all have chains and podlocks on their doors and this is why there are no jobs in the private sector.

The government still remains the only and the biggest employer in Haiti.

The national telephone company "Teleco" is being bought by a foreing company that promised to modernize it. I will bet my life on it that as soon as Teleco is turned over to this company, its doors will be chained and closed like the other ones.

If there was a competent government in Haiti that really cares about its people and the country, they would give a delay of 6 months to a year to all of those investors to put these entreprises in opration and if not, they will all return to the government.

We, as a people, need to think before we come up with all kind of ideas just to sound political correct because not everything is really good for Haiti.

Tiba, January 10 2010, 8:13 AM

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