May be you came from the capital and you would never...

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May be you came from the capital and you would never understand the claim that I am advancing.

If you came from other provinces you could understand this claim.

For instance, in Gonaives, I know one old lady whom had her husband passed away. Her husband was a former military sergeant and he owned 42 acres of land. Her husband had some family's problems on both side and he suggested her to donate all the 42 acres of land to the church if he died to avoid his own family's assassination against her. I was trying to convince that lady to return those lands to the government and she refused and she passed those lands to the church and the government never interferes in claiming those lands.

The lady let me know that she was not the only one that did that. So in the artibonite region alone the catholic church owns most of the agricultural lands, therefore, we should nationalize all the lands through a real land reform in order to redistribute them for agricultural purposes.

The elites and the church have been the main problems for land reform in Haiti and that is what brought Dessalines to his grave.

Did our ancestors did the revolution to only benefit the elites and the catholic church?

You must answer me. Listen, for a progressive social revolution to take place we must borrow money to do it. The privatization that I am advocating must be done through Haitian Private Contractors and I am clear on that. We have many Haitians in the Diaspora that are willing to buy those Haitian companies to create jobs on behalf on the Haitian people.

I am not selling this country to anyone.

I am a Dessalinist my friend and I will not hesitate to say it. A Dessalinian Privatization must be done through the Haitian ways of living and it will not be done to benefit foreigners.

I am against a privatization by selling Haitian companies to foreigners.

What did Dessalines say about that?

The closing down of those corrupted courts is to reform those institutions and that will help us move forward.

Quebec had done it through the Tranquile Revolution which I call it myself Progressive Social Revolution and why not Haiti?

Why are you scared of closing down those corrupted institutions to come with real reforms?

The closing will be temporary for 2 weeks or one month depending on the new hiring commission's involvement in the hiring process.

My friend money is available to Haiti, but Haiti has no strong will to take his destiny seriously, and that is the claim of the international communities.

For the privatization that I am advocating, the state of Hiti will own some actions in those companies if they fail in their management we will take over and what is wrong with that?

Tell me what is wrong?

I have not used any poor choice of words, may be you emotionally act by not understanding my view points.

Let's not fight and let's have an honest discussion without attacking anyone and after all both of us want good things for Haiti.

I agree with your comments, for you are pretty knowledgeable about some stuffs about Haiti.

I cannot know all stuffs about Haiti.

All I can say about knowing well Haiti's politics is this I know nothing.

For the purpose of the debating I will post topics and present my points of view and leave some rooms for others to debate.

I am not showing nor demonstrating my intellect through this blog. I am not a dictator and I welcome all ideas.

To me, there are no good or bad ideas and I am not in the debate field to tear down anyone.

Let's have an honest debate without attacking anyone.

If there is something unclear, please ask questions and we will have a serious debate.

I know nothing my friend and for the purpose of debating I am proposing ideas and not solutions and I welcome all ideas with respect.

Read all my postings to see if I am fighting against anyone...

Mathieu Derisse, January 10 2010, 2:36 PM

Topic: Toward a Progressive Social Revolution in Haiti

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Mathieu Derisse, 10-Jan-10 2:36 pm


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