O.K. my son I will attempt to do as you have requested without...

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O.K. my son I will attempt to do as you have requested without making it so clear it brings counter attacks against Haiti before the plan even gets going.

My idea is not a policy that can be taken in just a few days of policy decisions but is more a board plan for the future for Haiti.

Yes. education is needed and another post here along with ours a person has made good suggestions about the establishment of a military school (college or University) and one of the purposes I see for the larger military and the larger long range plans for Haiti is the need to become aware of the history of Haiti and the loong standing policies that the entire island belongs to Haiti and this expansion is needed as Haiti is now without trees, has too many people in too small an area and all plans that are limited to simply just to education or to changes in domestic policy will fail if there is not expansion of Haiti.

If you were to study American history this policy could be compared to U.S. epansion into the West which went my the name Manifest Destiny.

If Haiti is to have a future then from this current 70% unemployed we need to begin the process of building a much larger and stronger army, a military college where besides the normal course of a college Haitians can be given instruction in intelligence gathering, various types of warfare, etc. It is a long term plan and one that I as a senior may not be around to see completed but I believe it is the only plan that will provide a decent future for Haiti.

Let me add that in these communications we all have something in common in that we are expats (expatariates) and were either born in and lived in or worked in Haiti but are not there presently and for us to work together for the betterment of Haiti I would like to suggest there be only one requirement and that is we have the best interest of Haiti at heart and not issues of race. I can give you this example of my personal thinking on the issue of race as it applies to the history of Haiti I have personal knowledge of that is the era of Papa & Baby Doc and I would say I would support the position of Papa Doc who gave recognition to the fact Haiti is a country of black people mainly and they should mainly be in charge of running the country and holding the top positions (these policies Baby Doc went against and against the receommendations of his mother who was against his marriage ) but at the same time we should not turn away those wanting to help and contribute just because of race.

Earl Wheby Jr., October 22 2009, 8:13 AM

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