To Claudine: U.S taught me racisms NOT Haiti

Jean - September 17 2009, 1:47 AM

You have your life here in the U.S, real good, but this country teaches me racism.

I'm sorry that you felt the way you do about your bad experience of racial in Haiti.

However, in Haiti we never used the word " Freedom" "Free Speech", and, nevertheless, we have on a paper statement that says " Equal Opportunity" and this and that blah blah...therefore, our system there is quiet clear and simple: If you have your own money, you can help yourself, the live you live there would be much more pleasant than anywhere else in the world as a black person.

I have never had to deal with racial issue when I was a human being in Haiti.

Before you left Haiti, Claudine, have you experienced any racist in Haiti?

I do not say is not excist, but deep inside, most of us Haitians do not experience it as we grow up like most ohter black races do. Am I correct or what?

And, let me make another statement to you so you understand me. You see, most people who were poor in Haiti, than now go to other rich countries and now having money, they become aggressive and disrespect full to other Haitians people once they would not have been able to get close to. Therefore, when they go back to Haiti and forgot about Haiti and Haitians system, they acting like they were in other countries, so that's how they become frustrated and feel bad about being around Haitians.

Simply because they forget about who they are.

Furthermore, I have heard that many times how Haitians some people who don't even know how to read well, than come here, work hard and go visit Haiti, and when they come back to the U.S, you' can hear them brag about being able to lay down any women they want to..

So you see?

That's a problem right there.

Many of you simply think that because you now have money in other countries, because you can sit close to some white people who faking with you, you think that you are somebody special, and that when you go to Haiti someone treat you bad, now you have to be mad and NOT want to be Haitians anymore..:) That's ridiculous!!..

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