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Alein Telcine - March 12 2007, 12:57 AM

Dearest President,
Greetings from Alein Telcine in the name of Jesus-Christ, the Son of the living God.

I would like to express my gratitude toward your gorvernment and take this special occasion to encourage you so that you can continue to do so. I read in news that we have a little peace in the country with those who try to destroy the nation by involving in a bad way like kindapping.

You have a lot to accomplish, there is one thing that I want to remind you "you will never be able to change Haiti without God".

I encourage you to include Him in your agenda and in every single perspective, initiative that you would like to realize and every decision that you have to make in your daily life and you will see God will pour upon Haiti blessings beyong measure.

I appreciate your vision.

You believe in Education, infrastructure and agriculture.

Please, President do not forget the Grand-Goave's bridge that felt down more than one year. This bridge relates Port-au-Prince to Jeremie and other cities in Haiti.

I am praying for you because what you are doing right now as Presindent is exceedingly important for the nation.

Help people to leave in peace.

It will facilitate foreigner to do not fear to visit Haiti and start to help in some ways.

With regards, prayers and love,

Alein Telcine

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