Living in America: Tried to kill me to change me!

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Living in America: Worst experience in my whole life. With no layer of my own, no nationality community of my own, no people who speak my language in a country, so that's what they call a country of democracy or freedom:a better than nothing country.

Well, I'm happy now simply because I do not have to meet with any SOME evil white Americans people at work. It's real. I know this kind of strange for someone is Haitian to do, but with me, it's real. When it comes to respect and the way people acting toward me, it's big deal to me.

I had the worst experienced in this country last 5 years, where they were even trying to kill me by forced me to take pills that could cost me my life. I told them I wouldn't take any psycho pill without any test proves that I am sick. My CT scan test came negative, but their doctor who worked for them ( the people who sent me ) claimed that he still FEELS that I should be taken some sort of pills for mental, but I refused.

Because I refused to take the pill, they said if I do not corporate they would kept me in the hospital for 3 months or longer, so I decided to take the pills which I should not be taken.

I'm was sick and I'm not sick. I was forced to stay in the hospital for a week, so I took the pills for a week and they let me go. I didn't follow through with the prescription pill as I said to them from the start, I would not take any pills if my there is no positive test proving that I'm sick. Besides, those pills are very dangerous pills, and one should only takes them if the person really sicks..

It's has been a year now, and I know It was all about race and nationality issue, but they denied it, as usually, you know.

I wonder, Is this what they called land of freedom, democracy, blah blah blah..a country that scaring people to take advantage of them.

Jean P, August 1 2009, 11:25 PM

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Dear Jean P., I am touched. Your story is very emotional. And I love that you shared that very important one with us... read more >
Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, 2-Aug-09 5:14 am


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