No Linda you didn't have too much wine he is in fact...

Zac - July 16 2009, 6:46 PM

No Linda you didn't have too much wine he is in fact suggesting exactly that. He says through negotiations Duvalier and Aristide should receive some sort settlement payment each month.

What a man?

These two individuals have been instrumental in destroying Haiti now he says the Haitian people should support them. I suppose the logic behind the statement is, if Montressor becomes president he can go as far as burning Haiti to the ground and he too will be entitled to presidential benefits.

It makes perfect sense he's planning for his retirement.

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So, I'm by the pool and perhaps I've had too much...


Haiti Les hommes de l'occupant par Stanley Lucas

Jean Bertrand Aristide le demandeur de l'occupation militaire du 15 Octobre 1994 etait reste silencieux ce 15 Octobre...

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