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I expected the type of responses with so much emotion.

Your respond has confirmed the typical Haitian rational mind set indeed.

Why should Preval fix the electricity shortage in P-A-P, or any other problem of Haiti since no other president/government before him did anything about anything?

This is one of many Haitia's setbacks.

No seating president/government should do anything to clean up the image of Haiti if any president/government before never made the affort to do so.

Well, for all of you out there who are listening or watching, it is time that you move away from that premitive way of thinking.

This type of mentality was used during the stone age era, and it's no longer praticed in this 21st century era.

"If you cannot take the heat stay out of the kitchen".

This is called "POLITICS" and people elect official to power to bring positive changes and hope to them by creating opportunities for all. Citizens don't care about past administrations, but they are depended completely about the current administration to create jobs, schools, health care, justice, they can feel useful and helpful to themselves instead of depending on relatives in the diaspora for their survival.

Past presidents/governments should be left out to historians to write about what they should and could have done and what they did and did not do.

If Preval cannot deliver the best thing for him to do is to resign and let someone else who can, do the job.

Nothing personal, it's strickly politics! there is no time for emotion here, but it is rather time for critical thinking.

Politica always calls for change now and not waiting for years to get it. It should not and must not take 5 years for P-A-P to get electricity 24/7.

Once again this is politics!

Bwakajou, February 25 2007, 8:28 AM

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I expected the type of responses with so much emotion. Your respond has confirmed the typical Haitian rational mind... read more >
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Jack Of All Trade, 28-Feb-07 12:31 am
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