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A good new from a Haiti

A little reduction of the inflation is good news for whom? Last time I checked the population was still suffering with... more »

The most competent poster

I expected the type of responses with so much emotion. Your respond has confirmed the typical Haitian rational mind... more »

You make the comment

Well, this is exactly what I was afraid of. I knew they would be many like you who would get so emotional and would... more »

Haitian people government!

"Depi sou lanpere chouloute" the Haitian government has been treating its own citizens like garbage and dogs. Contrary... more »

Preval's competence

I believe Preval is the most incompetent and the most mediocre president ever in the western hemisphere. Do you agree... more »

The 10th department

I supported Aristide in 1991 and 2000-2004 as well. Aristide came into power using his popularity among the Haitian... more »

atribute to the new government of Haiti

Well Mr.Gautier, you must have a lot of free time in your hands that you don't really know what to do with if you are... more »

We all need to read this

Dear Francois, I agree with everything you said 100% and there is no need for me to add more except to say that it is... more »

Where can I get facts?

The facts are right before you, no need for further research. Like the poster said, all of these Arabs, the Jews, the... more »

Be truthful about Rene Preval

It is so pathetic to se how delusional so many Haitians are. I just can't believe what I am reading on this board... more »

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