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after reading your first couple sentenses i was piss until i read further.

i thought you believe that if the first government didnt try to help the country the current one shouldn't try. anyways no government should believe since the last government didnt do anything good for the country they to should not do anything good. thats bulsh?t. they can look up to the past government if they were successful on helping the country.

my personel belief all x-government should stay in haiti to help out one way or another cause they been there so they should know whats there.

i believe in preval, i know some people are piss cause innocent people get cought in the crossfire between un, and gangs but sometime a president have to take some risk even when it means innocent life might lost. "nou toujou di siterer pimal ke vorler".

lets be united, imagine haiti as the united islands.

sweet han "paradise" l'union fait la force

Jules, February 25 2007, 9:43 AM

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Well, this is exactly what I was afraid of. I knew they would be many like you who would get so emotional and would... read more >
Bwakajou, 23-Feb-07 5:53 pm
Hey Bro I am not getting emotional. I am an intellectual, not a fanatic. Preval is not my man! But I love constructive... read more >
Pipppo, 23-Feb-07 7:08 pm
I do repect your point of view; moreover, I wanted to response to that someone who believe being a president is like... read more >
Joseph, 24-Feb-07 10:38 am
What a fool. Can you tell the last president that provided electricity to the capital 24/7? I gather the only way that... read more >
Jacques Of All Trade, 24-Feb-07 10:52 pm
I expected the type of responses with so much emotion. Your respond has confirmed the typical Haitian rational mind... read more >
Bwakajou, 25-Feb-07 8:28 am
after reading your first couple sentenses i was piss until i read further. i thought you believe that if the first... read more >
Jules, 25-Feb-07 9:43 am
I copy and paste this article for you I do this because it seems you never interested about any... read more >
Pipppo, 26-Feb-07 5:01 pm
A little reduction of the inflation is good news for whom? Last time I checked the population was still suffering with... read more >
Bwakajou, 26-Feb-07 7:23 pm
Fritz Guerrier, 26-Feb-07 11:37 pm
Bwakajou On the contrary,I am as open minded and as forward thinking as anyone. I reiterate, you are totally... read more >
Jack Of All Trade, 28-Feb-07 12:31 am
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