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On the contrary, I am as open minded and as forward thinking as anyone.

I reiterate, you are totally wrong, short sighted, and intellectually dishonest to believe that a president elected in February, received his investiture in May, and a government put in place in June should have resolved a problem that has existed since the Shusberry Electric Company operated in Haiti during the tyrant Papa Doc regime.

Preval took a broken country and he himself claimed that he was under no illusion about putting it together in five years.

What he promised was that he was going to place institutions in place so that (if we are lucky) the next five presidents would follow his example.

For God sake, give the man (better yet, the country a chance).

I don't want you to think that I am a Preval booster rather I am a Haiti booster because I want him to succeed so that Haiti will succeed.

By the way, as far as bemoaning Preval competence or the lack of it thereof, keep in mind that in the course of Haitian history, he had the ignominy of having numerous illiterates as president.

However, one such illiterate proved to be one of the most progressive presidents we ever had viz Antoine Simon.

On the other hand,, we had a few capable and quite literate presidents who proved to be as incompetent, thieving, and criminal as they come-viz Duvalier Pere, J.B. Aristide, and last and certainly not least, Gerard Latortue and his sidekick Boniface.



Jack Of All Trade, February 28 2007, 12:31 AM

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Jack Of All Trade, 28-Feb-07 12:31 am
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