Earl, since you said youare not haitian I'll tell you haiti...

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Earl, since you said youare not haitian I'll tell you haiti was so beautiful when baby doc was president that cruises was fighting to go there.

That's why haiti has labadee.

pageant international took place in haiti under baby doc either in 80or 81. there was electricity 24/7 and the street was so clean that you could pick up you food on the street to eat. for a president that never travel I gave jean-claude an A+.

I remimber on of my clssmate told me that there will be a revolution an jean- claude had to live. my answer was at that time the country will pay the consequences.

haitian always blame the macout but it was very good because people tend to respect each other.

I mean no one wiil take a chance to attack another.

Haiti need a presidemt like baby doc to return as the pearl of the Island.

today everybody like is picking on us.Baby dock was a very decent president.

whatever what people say on him is those that did not know haiti under his administration.

I remimber being an high school student at that time I wake up around 3 in the morning to study in the street and not afraid of being kill.this was the most wonderfull moment in haiti history

Jj, July 2 2009, 1:40 AM

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Earl, since you said youare not haitian I'll tell you haiti was so beautiful when baby doc was president that cruises... read more >
Jj, 2-Jul-09 1:40 am
Its good to hear you say these things because I was working there then and had no fears walking anywhere and I am a... read more >
Earl, 2-Jul-09 3:41 am
I thought I would add a "P.S." to my reply to you and explain why I am seeking contact with Baby Doc because I know he... read more >
Earl, 2-Jul-09 4:06 am
hello Michelle,i want a know if you don't cancel our mariage to Mr JEAN CLAUDE DUVALIER or not wy u steel make... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 25-Jul-09 8:53 am
How is Michele Bennett Duvalier?I like to have for pleasure read more >
Llyod, 25-Jul-09 12:12 pm
I am not Michelle Duvalier. Baby Doc divorced her in the Dominican Republic read more >
Rkgs, 25-Jul-09 1:03 pm
Yes, everything you say is 100% correct because I was there also when Baby Doc was president. I could walk any street... read more >
Earl-rkgs, 25-Jul-09 1:09 pm
hi Michelle,how are you doing sister,i'm ok,how come you have the same like her,because the Duvalier family is not a... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 26-Jul-09 8:50 am
You have a real problem because Michelle Duvalier is now married to a businessman in New York! You are a joke. Don't... read more >
Earl Rkgs, 26-Jul-09 9:40 am
hellooooooooooooooo,how are you sister i don't have a problem madame if don't accepte the opinion negatif or positif... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 27-Jul-09 7:05 am
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