Let's promote tourist for Haiti

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Hi, I never meet you but by your web site I can judge your intellect.

You speak the true about Jamaica versus Haiti.

I know you are around Ft. Lauderdale, FL I am in Orlando, FL and a 2 park member in Universal Studios.

Well, in City Walk, millions of tourist from all over the world must have visit Bob Martley ball room and dance the night away Jamaican music.

And between you and I ( What music ) Our compa music is sweeter but alas. I do not know if it is the language or the totem that we are the poorest country in the world or the fact that Jamaica minister of tourist spend a lots of money in television advertising his country.

I feel President Preval should try to commercial on TV and billboard to promote the tourism industry.

I was around 12 years old remembering my defunct Father having a black Plymouth doing tourist traffic and it was a good period of progress for HAITI I hope our writing will catch someone eyes that can help Tourist for Haiti.

Even thou, I never been to Haiti since 1965, but I am still Haitian and enjoy the music, now movie and will love to go for a two weeks on vacation when all is quiet again.

God bless you and your work. Franck

Franck Larece, February 25 2007, 12:57 AM


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Hi, I never meet you but by your web site I can judge your intellect. You speak the true about Jamaica versus Haiti. I... read more >
Franck Larece, 25-Feb-07 12:57 am
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Kid On The Block, 25-Feb-07 3:27 pm
you know i couldn't agree with more. i would like to know who the f?ck come up with that last name for haiti."THE... read more >
Jules, 25-Feb-07 5:02 pm
Well said we inherit that " POOREST COUNTRY IN THE HEMISPHERE" And it will not go away. Until may be by chance one day... read more >
Franck, 25-Feb-07 7:36 pm
shame on you.you should go back first before you send stranger,america is not your home I came here in 1969 I can't... read more >
Marie, 26-Mar-07 7:51 pm
Well, well, well, it seems like there is someone who is thinking outside the box. It seems like there is someone who... read more >
Ti Roger, 26-Mar-07 9:25 pm
It's interesting how a lot so-called educated and intellectual men will support a repeat of the events that went on at... read more >
Kevin, 27-Mar-07 2:52 pm
Ti roger j'eprouve un fremissement patriotic a travers ton ecrit, mon cher je brule de la meme emotion. Il est evident... read more >
New Kid On The Block, 27-Mar-07 5:19 pm
Mon Cher Kevin You get it wrong, very wrong! Like I would say in London you are bloody wrong! Let us not be emotional... read more >
Ti Roger, 27-Mar-07 6:15 pm
There's nothing twisted about my state of mind. I'm not fearful of colonization or imperialism, i'm a descendant of... read more >
Kevin, 29-Mar-07 4:33 am
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