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Well, well, well, it seems like there is someone who is thinking outside the box. It seems like there is someone who has seen the bigger picture of the fundamentals of the Haitian Problem.

Yes indeed the Haitian problem requires more than investment, tourism, advertising but a serious Tabula Rasa dans nos pensees, dans nos actions et dans notre vision nationale.

We must face the roots of our eternal poverty.

We must ask ourselves why other nations have tried to find their way out of underdevelopment but we remain in a constant state of Coup d'etat, self destruction selfishness, diseases and countless other plights.

Frank, Mark, Nick, Robert, Kid, selondieu and all of you.who frequent this blog..

Until there is a serious group of men who decide to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of this Nation.

Until there is another Bois Caiman Ceremony where a national Consensus and a clear agenda can be found to face our ennemies (national and International) we will remain the laughing stock of the Civilized world.

Gentlemen We are all aware of the Historic and radical change we have brought in to this "mechant monde" and we know that we have been labeled a danger, a great danger to the Slavery establishment, to the Colons and now to those who can not stand to see us becoming a greater danger.

Gentlemen remember in 1825 there was a Summit of the newly independent nations Haiti was not invited because we were a danger..

une contagion .Remember Boyer and our forefathers eradicated slavery in Dominican Republic and till today notre code du travail is still the leading labor bible of their Country but our Citizens are still being burned alive and no one is lifting a finger
Not long ago a Racist named Rafael Trujillo has decimated more than 40000 haitians in the worst genocide case of Latin America and no one said nothing.

Des Laches comme Stenio Vincent, Borno et autres ne s'en souciaent pas. Il y a vingt ans j'ai vu un frigate Behemien (un petit pays que nous les haitiens avions peuple) retourner un tas de nos Concitoyens dans les conditions les plus humiliantes et rien..

We Haitians have the moral responsibility to do it.
I have lived in Half of the world now, venge toutes les races du monde, savoure toutes les cuisines et jamais je ne me suis senti chez moi et au grand jamais je ne voudrais mourir ni ici a Paris, ni a Dusseldorf ou j'ai ete a'l'ecole, ni a Londres ou a Jerusalem ou j'ai eu les plus grands moments de ma jeunesse.

J'aime Brel, J'aime Mortimer, j'aime Ambrogio Sparanea, j'aime le Flamenco et j'aime le Tango et j'aime l'elegance de Paris, la beaute de Vienne, la Complexity de Berlin et la saintete de Rome et Jerusalem mais il y a en moi cette tristesse, cette melancolie, ce vide infernal qund je me souviens de mon pays, de ce Port au Prince de mon enfance, de ces allees de Labyrinth, de mes Tap Tap, de l'odeur forte de mes porteurs, de la coqueterie de mes petites mulatresses (oui Mark de mes petites Mulatresses) et l'innocence de mes petites negresses ...

qui me font demander comme Lamartine se demanda une fois s'il ya une ame de ces objets qui s'attache a notre ame et la force d'aimer.

Au revoir Compatriotes en pleurant ''''
Today Gentlemen the whole Hemis.

Ti Roger, March 26 2007, 9:25 PM


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Well, well, well, it seems like there is someone who is thinking outside the box. It seems like there is someone who... read more >
Ti Roger, 26-Mar-07 9:25 pm
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Kevin, 27-Mar-07 2:52 pm
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Ti Roger, 27-Mar-07 6:15 pm
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Kevin, 29-Mar-07 4:33 am
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