ministre tourist: sell haiti beauty to d world

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Frank!!! you touch the problem to the bone, I agree with you 100 % because I say that over over the ministre of tourist has on obligation to advertise our tousist industry around the world because as you can see jamaica bahamas they spend milions on commercial on TV and billboard for their tourism industry.The international press asvertise only dirty image on haiti, because of that foreigner refuse to go in haiti, the government suppose to launch campaign againt those who go in haiti collect bad image to destroy our value and reputation.

and respect, the governmemt has to be pro active on exposing the value, beauty, culture, and history of our country.

Also alot of missionary go in haiti acting like they try to help but at the same time taking picture of sick, kids, on the slam, or show all our poverty in the same time hiding what is positive about haiti that is a killer for haiti reputation and economy.

For example look at a nice carnaval haiti provide this year why the international press to not show this as some thing positive about haiti.

I promise you if there is a mass killing during the day of the carnal all forein medias will be rushing to show that on TV. Jamaica is the worse place when it come to crime, It is way worse than haiti, jamaica has a lot of poor childen eating on the dumpster in jamaica but the international press NEVER, NEVER show them on TV. they alway show you nice hotel, and beaches.

and that is why jamaican has a lot of respect in USA compare to haitian, because the press portray jamaica as a rich country or a paridise, and they portray haiti as a hell or It is not true haiti has alot to offer the haitian governement has an obligation to prevent those stupid media doing down there taking bad picture to expose our dirty rag in the world
It is black history month Haiti suppose to be exposed on all the USA TV like BET, CNN, FOX NEWS, NBC, CBS, because haiti the the mother of the black history month why they hide this extraordinary legacy from haiti Why haiti is not on the center of the news as the first black country who fought to say NO NO to slavery.

That's a shame HAITI do not have credit for a such heroic accomplishment

Haiti Government Need 2 Sell Good Side On Haiti, February 24 2007, 5:22 PM


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New Kid On The Block, 27-Mar-07 5:19 pm
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Ti Roger, 27-Mar-07 6:15 pm
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