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Mon Cher Kevin
You get it wrong, very wrong! Like I would say in London you are bloody wrong! Let us not be emotional here Kevin
Pope Jean 23 claims that he used to raise himself sometimes higher than the common men in order to observe them in action and Dear Mr Kevin I just did that and I just see you like one of them a with twisted mind, with a fearful colonial spaniard, portuguese, french,Belgian and german mentality telling the negroe men and the indian men that they should adopt Christianity or they will be burned.

Somewhere in the Bible in the book of Ephesian it says that the slaves should remain slaves and praise their masters and as a matter of facts pray for them. It is implied in the Bible that being dirt poor is much better guarantie to go to heaven than being well off...

Mr Kevin if that is the religion you are following and if that is why you are rejecting the significance of the historically Bois Cayman ceremony, I rejected your religion.

Frederick Nietsche claimed in Zarathoustra that God is dead I am not going that far to say that but if that God you are looking upon will require that you and your fellow men remain constantly in a stagnant state of misery and poverty than I would challenge your God to a "Duel" and I would kill him.
Gentlemen this is a deep philosophical discussion answer accordingly

Ti Roger, March 27 2007, 6:15 PM


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Kevin, 29-Mar-07 4:33 am
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