I am Tiba Dr Guy Théodore2011 Président D'Haiti

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My Name is Tiba (Dr Guy Théodore) and I am running for Président D'Haiti in 2011

Published on Jun 17, 2009

My Haitian patriots and friends please visit my website guytheodore.com

Sign My Petition gopetition.com/online/28720/sign.html

Tiba (Dr Guy Théodore) for Président D'Haiti

Tiba President Of Haiti, June 22 2009, 11:41 PM

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I'm in total shock!!! Is this the same Tiba who has been blogging on this site??? I must know...Boy did I not see this... read more >
Linda, 22-Jun-09 11:46 pm
Well, well, well, it would seem the cat is finally out of the bag. Linda I thought you knew Tiba personally. And I... read more >
Zac, 23-Jun-09 1:30 am
Tiba didn't you say you were an American citizen? If so, how is that going to work out for you? As it is now the... read more >
Zac, 23-Jun-09 1:36 am
Zac, I don't know anyone on this site personally. Over the years I've kept my identity to myself and have not asked... read more >
Linda, 23-Jun-09 6:04 am
If this is the blog's Tiba, and if you are really planning to run for the presidency, my first advice to you would be... read more >
Linda, 23-Jun-09 6:17 am
Tiba Ou deja pedi apresyasyonm a koz de slogan"nou ka fel" ou wa Komanman, kote originalitew. Ou gin foli Obama. Ket... read more >
Hercule Dartiguenave, 23-Jun-09 7:36 am
If this is the same Tiba that i debated, then he hasn't been honest. The Tiba i debated said he was an American... read more >
Zac, 23-Jun-09 10:00 am
Zac, I didn't know that you got into a college; which one is it? Don't worry, there are too many Zac's in the world... read more >
Linda, 23-Jun-09 10:11 am
Linda if you remember, in one of his posts Tiba doubted whether a high school diploma was all i had. At the time, I... read more >
Zac, 23-Jun-09 10:57 am
tiba. how are you going to be president of haiti. when i am one of the person who can help you to go to cite soley... read more >
Hugues Sanon, 23-Jun-09 1:20 pm
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