I am very familiar with the international travel or project...

Linda - May 31 2009, 10:52 PM

I am very familiar with the international travel or project policies colleges like SFU. That is why I am not sure that I believe that Mark's project is through the university, or its students.

The way this kind of thing usually works on campuses is that, if students are the ones organizing a project, they must have a leading faculty with them. And, whether its students or faculty organizing it, a proposal with the planning mostly completed must also be submitted.

In fact, universities like SFU usually require all sorts of applications and forms for this type of international projects.

There is a whole process that the university demands before such project is approved, and as far as I know, at SFU all proposals and organizations for summer projects must be summited by the end of the Fall semester, or the latest the beginning of the Spring semester.

Trying to get a summer project going when the school year is ending, and some have already ended, does not happen--at least not with a university.

So, as I said, something is very off with this whole thing.

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