Xavier I hear you! however, it is a big shame because while a...

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I hear you!

however, it is a big shame because while a segment of a society is looking for change, the other one wants things to stay the same.

It is very unfortunate that you failed to acknowledge that of all countries with HIV/AIDS, as the poorest in the western hemisphere, Haiti is the only country making great progrss in reducing the cases of AIDS.

What is so wrong with prostitution in Haiti.

The United States is the world empire of prostitution, but it's not offensive to no one because United States happens to be the wealthiest country on earth, is that it?

It seems to me that according to many of you out there, no one and no country can be poor, can have HIV/AIDS and prostitutes and have their dignity and integrity protected, is that it?

I am already poor, but if I ended up having HIV/AIDS, and I am happen to be a male prostitute, does that mean I am automatically strpped of my dignity and integrity, and therefore, it's okay for others to insult me at will because I its true that have those things?

Can you people ever stand for something?

Haiti may be poor, may have an HIV/AIDS population and loaded with prostitutes, but Haiti is still remained a nation, and therefore, the dignity and integrity of its people must be respected by ALL at all time.

Would he, Rush Limbaugh, make these insults on the homeless with HIV/AIDS living under bridges in U.S. cities?

I think not! if he did, he would be hit by advocates/the public so hard, he would run for cover.

I am sure you would be one amongst the protesters too.

"Being born in a dumpster doesn't make you a garbage" (Jesse Jackson).

You got my drift?

Tiba, May 27 2009, 7:02 AM

Topic: Rush Limbaugh takes on Haiti/Clinton

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Hercule Dartiguenave, 27-May-09 1:50 am
Xavier I hear you! however, it is a big shame because while a segment of a society is looking for change, the other... read more >
Tiba, 27-May-09 7:02 am
Wow Taba; that was truly beautiful. I agree with everything you said about dignity, pride, and nationalism. And, the... read more >
Linda, 27-May-09 11:46 pm
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Martineau Francois, 28-May-09 10:03 am
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Martineau Francois, 28-May-09 11:04 am
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Jojo, 30-May-09 6:56 am
Ah the power of the mic! This is so lame; this guy is a retarded, an elementary school dropped out. What else could we... read more >
Marc G, 30-May-09 11:59 am
Marc This guy is in his country and covered under the freedom of speech. If you really feel offended, I guess you... read more >
Gera Bougui, 30-May-09 2:08 pm
I agree, Love it or Leave it! This is America! read more >
Rush Limbaugh, 1-Jun-09 10:53 am
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