Thanks, Tiba, I have a pretty thick skin, I hope, so I do not...

Larry Mulligan - March 27 2009, 10:30 PM

Thanks, Tiba, I have a pretty thick skin, I hope, so I do not take offense.

I see a lot of wisdom in what you say, and I take it to heart.

Between you and Linda, I see more hope for success, which we will measure from the standpoint of those who live in Cerca la Source, not from that of those of us who only visit there.

The necessary 1st step is to see if we can effectively communicate, otherwise we will not know whether what we are doing together is helping or not. One of the frustrating aspects of my stay there last month was only being able to talk to people through an interpreter.

I am making slow progress in learning to speak Kryole, I never have had an aptitude for language.

There are young people in the village who speak my language, they are not professional interpreters, I am thinking I will talk to them the next time I am there to see if one of them might be a partial solution to the problem.

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