Bill Clinton and Wyclef Visit Haiti

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former U.S. President Bill Clinton will be in Haiti today and tomorrow along with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in an effort to focus attention on problems in Haiti.

Wyclef Jean will be traveling along with President Bill Clinton to Haiti

Question: what do you think this mission will accomplish?

Haiti In The News, March 9 2009, 9:21 AM

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That will accomplish nothing.How long will it take for the haitian people to realize that they're being fooled.And... read more >
James, 9-Mar-09 9:53 am
i hope hi d'ont go 2 haiti 4 noting,i love 4 somebady 2do someting about electricity and hard life in haiti.last... read more >
Guerline Henry-charles, 9-Mar-09 10:01 am
It is a good things for Haiti. Also, when Ms. Michael Jean visit Obama in the white house I beleive Haiti situations... read more >
Franckner Larece, 9-Mar-09 10:10 am
Bill Clinton is doing marathon for his foundation may be it is in that aim that he is accompanies Wyclef jean. Clinton... read more >
Alserde Emile, 9-Mar-09 10:41 am
1st thing is security,then the economy,without security there will not be any visitors in Hait1 or tourists,This... read more >
Eddy Bienaime, 9-Mar-09 11:12 am
to change the dirty water and to give some food to them. read more >
Choumaha Guerrier, 9-Mar-09 11:28 am
four what this visit in haiti.for wyclef yes biil clinton i don`t know read more >
Ricardo Pierre, 9-Mar-09 11:29 am
I hope the fact that Mr. Clinton and UN Secretary Ki-Moon are in Haiti says a lot. Primarily that they are concerned... read more >
Lourdes, 9-Mar-09 2:15 pm
Absolutely nothing. It's just another photo op. read more >
Issido, 9-Mar-09 5:04 pm
Nan ti kout tan vizit sa-a,m'espere yo pran yon bon desizyon pou ede ak ensekirite,ekonomi peyi-a,paske si yo pa jere... read more >
Sherlie Antonisia, 9-Mar-09 6:01 pm
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