The definiton of dual citizenship or dual nationality, refers...

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The definiton of dual citizenship or dual nationality, refers to an individual being a citizens of two countries or a legal status by which a haitian becomes a citizens of two cuontries.The need to change is apparent; the need to seek individuals whose expertise and experiences transcend the day-to-day of the Haitian society is a responsibility, which all Haitian cannot afford to ignore.

It is one thing to talk about the fisrt black republic in the world; it is another the view Haiti as the most corrupt, under develop, the poorest in western hemispher.

Currenttly, developments of road net works, water treatment plant system, health care facilities, education system, telecommunication facilities, public system, trash plant, electrical plant, agricultural system, early warning system, eco system, just to name a few are in a deplorable state of affairs or none existence.

Advocating the development of multiple national attachment should be viewed in terms of national development and economic strategy.

Dual citizenship would help Haitian businessmen and businesswomen to transact and move freely, especially in and out of the United States.

As soceity becomes more global, the value of Dual Citizenship is increasingly becoming a necessity.

the economically benefits, access to finacial investment rights(property, security, retirement, social security benefits, acsses to high quality medical care, especially those reaching age of retirement and most importantly accesses to higher education).

The question that need to be answered is dual citizenship would encourage the development of Haiti or not. The ideals of free entreprised and democracy are complementary, the development and sustaining a strong middle class is essential to attainting economic stability in Haiti.

The Dominican Republic is best example since their are our sister country.

US-born children who have a dominican parent have the option of acquiring Domonican citizenship as soon one reach the age of 18 years old. That person would be both an American and a Dominican citizen.

A Dominican who is a an American may vote in the U.S. without fear of losing his/her Dominican citizenship.

In reality, dual citizenship benefits America by helping to promote U.S ideals and value around the world, it promotes U.S. understanding of and connections to the world.

To our own benefits it provides opportunity for children of Haitian parentage to reconnect with cultural background and strengthen the fabric of our heritage, it is in Haiti best interest to have individual who has dual citizenship in Haitian Parliament, especially when the U.S. is rebuilding his foreign policy around the world.

Never before in the history of Haiti the need for international assistance become so urgent and essential, the time has come for Haiti to take advantage of the experience of its own nationals without conditions and limitations.What are we waiting for?

Samuel Frederique, February 19 2009, 8:21 PM

Topic: Dual citizenship in Haiti

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