Need For Regulations In Haiti

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Is the Haitian Government Listening?

Over and over again, the Haitian people asking the Haitian government to take charge and actually enforce the law in Haiti.

But it seems that noone is listening.

Pep Ayisien, mwen avize nou, sispann chwazi embesil pou reprezante nou, se nou will k-ap peye po kase a.

Lavi che, se nou kap soufri
Chomaj, se nou k-ap soufri
Bato chavire 100 ekek moun mouri, se nou k-ap soufri.

Aksidan machin paske wout pa bon, se nou k-ap soufri.

pep ayisien, apran chwazi moun ke gen visyon, moun ki gen rev, moun ki gen objektif, moun ki ka kreye yon pi bel vi pou nou.

Nou chire deja, men, an nou we si nou ka asire lavi pitit nou yo.

Sispan elekte enbesil sou pouvwa,


Ayisyen Konsekan, January 9 2009, 3:16 PM

Topic: Execellent move Mr Preval!

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Ct, 8-Jan-09 10:16 pm
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Sebastian, 9-Jan-09 2:15 am
Is the Haitian Government Listening? Over and over again, the Haitian people asking the Haitian government to take... read more >
Ayisyen Konsekan, 9-Jan-09 3:16 pm
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Ct, 9-Jan-09 10:43 pm
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Sebastian, 11-Jan-09 7:33 pm
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Sebastian, 11-Jan-09 8:00 pm
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Ct, 11-Jan-09 10:16 pm
Labadee should make you feel ashame. It is the proof that Haiti is only a hell hole because Haitians are running it... read more >
Sebastian, 12-Jan-09 10:07 am
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