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The world would have a better look if our Leaders applied the doctrine of Philosophy and Theology.Once you realize the true reason of your existence on Earth, your destiny beyond the world to know yourself as you are and be you in your limitation that you cannot go to any higher level than that without the help of others, then, you will lead a life of Unity trying to understand the misery of your camrades, acknowledge the facts that where end your rights that's where starts the rights of another citizen:having an open heart of humility and humanity, sharing and giving, solving the problems of your follow citizens.This message is for our spirituals and politicians Leaders.The versions 2 and 3 will be written in Creole and french.

JeanRobert Bastien depuis Boston Massachusetts Tel:617-288-2658.Anyone can contact me.

Jeanrobert Bastien, January 12 2009, 10:35 AM

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