Thats all i'm asking. We deserve the benefit of the doubt. I...

Haiticherie - November 18 2008, 5:50 PM

thats all i'm asking.

We deserve the benefit of the doubt.

I have some connection, what would it cost to get 50,000 watts.

I give you my word, this is my life, nothing is gonna get me side track.

Please educate me on the things I don't know and I promise I'll try everything in my power to make it work. We just need positive thinking.

I know its a long way to go, but one of the quote i read in this blog re-emphasized that"a journey of a million miles start with a single step".

I'm available to you guys, just help me see this through.

Let me know what we think could work. we already know we don't have the government behind us, lets try this on our own. we have more to gain than to lose. I know I sound naive, but if believing that my country can once again be a beautiful country than i'll be naive.

We can bring up ideas that has already fail and try to understand why it fail and how we can do it differently.

Thank You so much. You have just given me a little more courage than i started with, Please continue to help. You are full of knowledge.

you are the kind of person Haiti needs if any change is to happen.

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