We need to go to the back yard of Haiti to revive our...

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We need to go to the back yard of Haiti to revive our agriculture.I'm by no mean an expert in food but i know for sure that if i surround mylseft with people that know agriculture, i would bing something that our country have been lacking for a long time. I intent to go back to Haiti with a plan. I know how to oporate heavy equitments such as:front end loaders, tractors etc.I could use my experience to build streets, bridges and teach my haitians brothers how to use these machines for irrigation, building roads and work in farms.for example a food factory where workers will report to work every day, have a salary and make them part owner of the factory.

I tried buying goods and resale them in haiti that didn't work, we need to produce thing to sell home and abroad.

My biggest problem is security, our government needs to understand that monetary aides from the world bank won't help, they need to invest in our young men and women.Ask France, US and Spain to give student visas to learn a trade that would help our country.

Haiti doesn't have skilled workers, they are computers programmers or doctors, you cannot find a good labored technician in haiti, machinist,welderman, mechanic,plumber etc don't exist in haiti.man, see what i'm talking about.

Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, November 24 2008, 11:19 AM

Topic: Who is responsible for Haiti's misdeed?

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We need to go to the back yard of Haiti to revive our agriculture.I'm by no mean an expert in food but i know for sure... read more >
Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 24-Nov-08 11:19 am
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Kapwa, 24-Nov-08 12:56 pm


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