Second Haiti School Collapse in 1 Week!

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We have just learned that there has been another school collapsed in under one week in Haiti.

This time it is the Grace Divine school in Port-au-Prince Haiti and the Haitian school building came crashing down while school was in session.

This is what happens in a country with NO Laws and no Law Enforcement, No codes and No code enforcement.

People in Haiti build how ever they feel like it, there are no building inspectors and no building inspections.

Most houses and buildings in Haiti are built by a "Kontre Mèt' and Bòs Mason, people with no concept of Physics, and no architectural skills.

How long can we continue to live in such conditions?

This is 2008 people!!!

We need to elect government officials with VISION, leaders who have the "Cohones" to stand up to the Haitian people for their own good...

We DO NOT need the type of WEAK, "Ti Sousou" leaders, who continues to tell the Haitian people to "PRAN KONSYANS" not realizing that they have been hired to LEAD.





We have leaders who are so AFRAID of the very people they are leading that they **** in their pants every time some looser lights up a tire in "CITE SOLEY".


The role of a government is to govern...

To serve,

To protect,

To lead...





ONE school building out of thousands collapse in Haiti our commander in chief, Rene Preval, is talking about "Les Etas Unis et Le Canada" AND he said nothing about what measures he will take to prevent this from ever happening again.

( watch the video: )

In 2008, 204 years after calling ourselves a republic, are you telling me that we don't have enough resources to rescue less than 100 people out of a 3 story building in a country of NINE MILLION?

So what the hell will happen next year when Gonaives is flooded again?

My God! Mr. President, what exactly is your job description?

What in God's name are you getting paid for?

Begging foreign nations on behalf of the Haitian People?

We can do that ourselves!

All we really need is a few hungry kids, some flies, and television camera.

How can we be proud of ourselves as Haitians when our leaders, the ones we should look up to, are out there begging for help on our behalf every time there is a problem.

If we really are a nation of beggars, then we don't really need a president at all, what really need is a lobbyist in Washington D.C.

The President of the Republic of Haiti is asking the media to "TELL" the people to move. He is waiting for help from the United States and Canada.

He is leaving it up to their good conscience to do the right thing.


I am so proud to be Haitian right now!

Who needs the police when a Haitian hoodlum can "CHOOSE" not shoot me!

I used to love my country because, in Haiti, I can do whatever I want, "Liberté", we call it.

You know something?

I don't think it's a good idea and I apologize for being so selfish because I now realize that, in Haiti, I am not the only one with the "Liberté" to do whatever I want, criminals also have the "Liberté" to shoot me and get away with it, businessmen also have the "Liberté" to build dangerous schools to collapse on my kids and get away with it, and government officials also have the "Liberté" to sit around, speak French, and watch all of us die with our "Liberté".

I cannot see how progress can come out of that.

Democracy is not "Liberté" and "Liberté" is not Democracy.

What we have in Haiti, it is not Democracy.

Why am so upset?

My two boys have been going to school in Haiti for the past TWO years, I feel the pain of these parents, because it could have been my boys in one of those buildings.

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

Woodring Saint Preux, November 12 2008, 5:56 PM

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Carl, 12-Nov-08 8:28 pm
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Esther, 12-Nov-08 9:25 pm
It is a shame that in less than a week another school has to undergo the fate of similar poor construction codes. It... read more >
Emmanuel Michaud, 12-Nov-08 9:34 pm
My Haitians, What is sad is that we are idling by watching all this go down. I was born in Brooklyn,NY, but Haitian... read more >
George Pierre, 12-Nov-08 9:54 pm
Sa ou di-a fe sans min li pa gin sans paske ou kite kote moun nan mouri-a epi oual kriye yon lot kote. You shoul have... read more >
Mizeliah, 13-Nov-08 1:25 am
Well, It seems we have the same opinion about this matter, as I chatted with a friend of mine yesterday about Haiti... read more >
Samile, 13-Nov-08 8:35 am
Well I did said it when the school collapsed last week in Petion-Ville,but God I had no idea it will be that soon... read more >
Taty, 13-Nov-08 9:27 am
Woodring This is what I have been trying really to explain to the bloggers and to everyone else who is listening. I... read more >
Tiba, 13-Nov-08 10:38 am
Taty; I understand your frustration, but whose fault is it that our population is so illiterate and ignorant that they... read more >
Linda, 13-Nov-08 1:23 pm
Again is this a joke? Seriously we need to act fast because not only because too many innocent Haitians have been... read more >
Stanley Leonard, 13-Nov-08 1:54 pm
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