My Haitians, What is sad is that we are idling by watching all...

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My Haitians,

What is sad is that we are idling by watching all this go down. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but Haitian blood runs through my veins, since both of my parents are Haitian.

I love Haiti and my people, but I feel that the words written on our country's flag "L'Union fait la force" means absolutely nothing.

It got lost somewhere years ago. We as Haitians never come together, we never want to see one another succeed.

Once we get what we consider a bit of status or what we consider our rightful place in life. We refuse to teach our neighbor, we refuse to lend a helping hand to our neighbor, we would rather watch each other die, then to uplift one another.


Our way of thinking is "no one helped me, so why should I care about helping others".

The sooner we learn to live by our flags credo the sooner we can become a real Nation.

Take a look at what just transpired in America on 11/04/08. Senator Barack Obama became President Elect Barack Obama.

Why do you think this is so?

We unified ourselves (all races) because we wanted change and saw that in Senator Barack Obama.

Not only did Senator Barack Obama win the Presidency, he did so in a fashion never done before.

He started off with little or no money for his campaign, but managed to run the most expensive election yet. Why, because he believed in what he was doing, he believed in his cause, he knew for a fact that if people also believed in what he was doing (regardless of your skin color) a glorious day would be dawning.

I am sick and tired of Haitians living the way we do. We only care for ourselves.


We need to come together and make a positive change in our lives and in our country.

What happened to Haiti?

What happened to the once beautiful country my mother grew up in?

I am pleading with my fellow Haitians, no one will ever do for us, what we refuse to do ourselves.

How can we expect help from Canada or the U.S. if we can't even love our neighbor, uplift our neighbor, if we can't even take the necessary steps to better ourselves, to educate ourselves.

When we pray to GOD we ask him to help us in our time of need, to help us with our afflictions, to help us live better lives.

The LORD is always willing to do so. Believe me he is. He will even pave the way to do so, but we have to take the necessary steps in making it happen.

We have to reach for it and truly want it. If we want to BEAUTIFY Haiti, then we will have to make it happen, It will not happen on its own. Lets bring back the real meaning of flags credo "L'Union fait la force" and stand by it.

George Pierre, November 12 2008, 9:54 PM

Topic: Second Haiti School Collapse in 1 Week!

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Esther, 12-Nov-08 9:25 pm
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Emmanuel Michaud, 12-Nov-08 9:34 pm
My Haitians, What is sad is that we are idling by watching all this go down. I was born in Brooklyn,NY, but Haitian... read more >
George Pierre, 12-Nov-08 9:54 pm
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Mizeliah, 13-Nov-08 1:25 am
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Samile, 13-Nov-08 8:35 am
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Taty, 13-Nov-08 9:27 am
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Tiba, 13-Nov-08 10:38 am
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Linda, 13-Nov-08 1:23 pm
Again is this a joke? Seriously we need to act fast because not only because too many innocent Haitians have been... read more >
Stanley Leonard, 13-Nov-08 1:54 pm
yes I understand your frustration but we've been beating on our government for too long. We need to start taking... read more >
Haitian 4 Life, 13-Nov-08 2:02 pm
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