Taty; I understand your frustration, but whose fault is it...

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Taty; I understand your frustration, but whose fault is it that our population is so illiterate and ignorant that they cannot tell the difference between a mule and a president.

It is not this president's fault.

I believe in putting blame where blame is due. Those who voted for Preval were already adult illiterates by the time he ran for office.

Preval is a buffoon, but the blame for our adult illiteracy rate is not his fault.

We can thank Duvalier son and our elite groups for that. Under Duvalier the country was functioning relatively well compared to today.

At that time, the elite could have done something about the poor and rural people's illiteracy, but they chose not to...it wasn't their problem.

Now I am not talking about this fake bourgeois class that's in Haiti now...we know they don't care about Haiti and that to them Haiti is just where they make their money.

I am talking about the old bourgeois and elite class; a group I believe really did care about their nation.

The only problem is that they thought their nation was only made-up of their social class, and they never looked at how the rest of the nation lived.

So, what happened when that group fled the country after Duvalier is that you had all of those people, which they hadn't bother to educate or even civilize, move into the vacuum that was left. It is these people who now run the country, and it they who now vote.

Linda, November 13 2008, 1:23 PM

Topic: Second Haiti School Collapse in 1 Week!

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Taty, 13-Nov-08 9:27 am
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Tiba, 13-Nov-08 10:38 am
Taty; I understand your frustration, but whose fault is it that our population is so illiterate and ignorant that they... read more >
Linda, 13-Nov-08 1:23 pm
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Stanley Leonard, 13-Nov-08 1:54 pm
yes I understand your frustration but we've been beating on our government for too long. We need to start taking... read more >
Haitian 4 Life, 13-Nov-08 2:02 pm
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