we can not talk about our nationality

Donald - December 10 2008, 4:04 PM

Trust me we can not talk about our nationality Haitian one time we're the best we still good but because of treatment we as haitian lose alot of consideration even when you travel once your passport shows that you are a haitian the immigration officer feel to turn you down i would also encourage all Hatian peopole to never forget who they are even in the hardes life and stop travel illegal try to be legal at all time because we dont have no body to think for us every body just see for them selves bush Haiti back down and try to put also haitian peopole down we dont have no gourverment if the want to show they are gourverment is just arest innocent beat them put them in prison acuse them but nothing else every country doing something to leeft up they country but haiti any body can come take and do anything they want durty the country name just to get money seriously i dont know what to say again I would like some one serious who know what is good not a ti sousou come and do something for haiti and also Haitian peopole

Received via email Nov 12

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