Every town has a mayor. this mayor is the number ONE of the...

El Caribeno - October 14 2008, 4:18 PM

every town has a mayor.

this mayor is the number ONE of the city. it belongs to him to try promoting good aspect of his town or village.

this must be a man able to create beeter environement for his town. he is the president of his town, he must be near of his poeple.

If the mayor is very inelligent he will not need million american dollars
to do some thing in his town. But unfortunately, it's some thing you find only in seriouse countries, in seriouse towns where poeple respect poeple, where poeple love poeple, have YOU ever seen how haitians speak to haitians?

It's like dog backing to dog. Come on!a small tawn like Leogane, don't tell me you need million dollars help from America, france so on to keep clean the city.
In a such smallcity like Leogane, you just need to hire 12 poeple divided into 4 groupes with a leader working 8 hours a day.Also, at the time, the mayor would hire some educatorsto educatethe poeple, making them take conscience of not to throw rubbish in the street.You see I have idea.

After, what the mayor would do is taking the Leogane map, or he kan provide by his own knowlage, dividing the city in 4 quaters, each group manage a quater of the city, and over the 4 goups he hires 1 chief to check the evolution and the folowing.

Ok! you surely ask me about the destination of the rubbish gatherd together, it is easy, the mayor will make contract with other firms based in Port-au-Prince or in other cities to pick them up. It is a question of being seriouse and of good willing to do some thing good for the honor of himself and his poeple.

The president of the whole country kan not do every thing himself.

How much he'd pay to these workers monthly?

400 or 500 Haitian dollars.

that means 50 dollars US.That means about 700 dollars US or+- 8000 dollars US per year. It's nothing.

That means globally the Leogane would need +- 1000 US dollars per month or +- 12000 US dollars per year to make Leogane a clean city. But they kan not. they are to foolish, too stupid, too idiot or cretin.

they are like pigs living like pig.


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