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The Holy Day is Near

The Holy Day is in the remaining days of this year of 2010--The Holy Year. Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a/k/a The C.R.J The... more »

Bel Manman Chal Nwem Nan Intelijan

Bel Manman Chal Nwem Nan Intelijan Bel manman Chwal nwem nan deja genw maleng sou dol, ou vin mete pannow sou li; li... more »

M I N U S T A H And Preval Are Set Up To Haitians

chief Police Andresol, Colonel Himmler Rebu, Major Danny Toussaint, General Prosper Avril, Colonel Carl Dorelien... more »

Who Am I?

When I am around, they make some calls. When their receivers are around, they call my name. Who am I? Lavaud Hold... more »

The Faith Is Back

Haiti will rise tall, strong, and respected. Lavaud Hold desmoulins, a.k.a., The C.R,J. The Great King is coming more »

France Must Return The Body of Toussaint Louvertur

To Every single French Citizen: France Must hand over to Haitian people the body of Great TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE to give... more »

M I N U S T A H Must Leave By April 1st

To every single employee of the MINUSTAH: MINUSTAH must leave Haiti by April 1, 2010. I mean it. Lavaud Hold... more »

Haiti Will Be Built With The Souls Of The Stronger

Now, Haiti will rise and be built with the souls of the survivors. However, not all breaths are survivors. Some will... more »

To Every Single Haitian Police Officer

My Message to you is: Your Right to enjoy your natural, or constitutional, rights is only on the Haitian's soil... more »

2010 Resolution: Absorbing Smears Is Not An Option

The Desmoulins Family's Resolution: Absorbing smears is not an option. Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., The C.R.J The... more »

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