Haiti Will Be Built With The Souls Of The Stronger

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Now, Haiti will rise and be built with the souls of the survivors.

However, not all breaths are survivors.

Some will last very short, some will last a little longer, and some will last very long. Some breaths should have been cut for very longtime, but they were granted the stay, either to witness the effect of the words of the Holy Man, or their end has come. And some breaths are the true believers.

There had been numerous efforts to weld the chain that the Holy Man had broken.

There had been campaigns to minimize the sacrifices of the Holy Man. There had been numerous attacks on the loved ones of the Holy Man and on his person.

There had been deceptions from the interests of the Holy Man. There had been a call for the Holy Man to do the warnings.

And "Zetwals File".

This hit was for the Haitians'egoism and their disrespects for the Holy Man and his loved ones. My Great God has just begun with the Haiti-- The land the Holy Man was born. And my Great God has been marvelous in his plan, and he is very smart.

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., The C.R.J

The Great King is Coming

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, January 19 2010, 10:14 AM

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