Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis

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The next choice for Prime minster of Haiti is Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis.

Will she become the next prime minister of Haiti?

Will Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis be approved by the haitian senators?

I heard that there are people out there trying to discredit her. There was an article about Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis on Le nouvelliste not too long ago.

What do you guy think about Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis?

What have you heard good or bad about her?

Haitian I Am, July 1 2008, 10:18 PM

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J' aurais prefere quelqu' un de plus jeune et qui a aussi la connaissance du terrain et une competence en... read more >
Jean-marie Leroy, 2-Jul-08 9:26 pm
a lesbian can not prime minister in haiti where is the moral of our society read more >
Roger Francois, 2-Jul-08 10:37 pm
I can see why this could be a problem,but it will be fair only if most of the haitian officials had any kind of... read more >
Darline Desir, 3-Jul-08 1:42 am
I can agreee with you on that one! Some of our leaders are corrupt and immoral creatures! The abuse the... read more >
Zarien Krab Spider0, 3-Jul-08 5:31 am
As I stood corrected on this. We will see naturally more women in favor of having Michele Duvivier as a Vice President... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 3-Jul-08 11:18 am
That's the reason why I'm calling upon those who compose the intellectual elite class to get along oneanother to see... read more >
Garry Dupre, 3-Jul-08 2:46 pm
Garry, I agree with you that the last thing Haiti needs is a dechoukaj. I also agree 100% with you that we need a... read more >
Linda, 3-Jul-08 9:44 pm
I heard that she is a gay, that she is living with her soul mate Loraine Mangones who’s working with her at FOKAL... read more >
Ben, 7-Jul-08 10:34 am
Yes she is a lesbian and live with the Loraine Mangones as she did not provide information about her lesbianism and... read more >
Will Rosenberg, 7-Jul-08 5:29 pm
You are right. most of our officials leaders would gave jobs only to those who take the roads of homosexuality with... read more >
Ben Anilus, 9-Jul-08 9:50 am
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