Rebuild the economic system in Haiti!!!

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Im am Haitian American that serves in the United States Navy in Jacksonville, FL. I think the leaders of Haiti need to re-establish the government system so that there is a system that will allow the people in Haiti to be able to live a democracy way of life. The country needs major rebuilding because it is very poor and the living conditions is unhealthy.

Rene Preval, please use the money that the Haitian government have wisely and restore the economic system by getting food to your people.

As a leader, there is no way you should ever let your country fall to hunger because that just makes the situation in Haiti even worse.

Rene Lumene, June 6 2008, 8:52 PM

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Preval is more interested about where his zo zo is going more than the state of the economy. Preval is an incompetent... read more >
Therat, 6-Jun-08 9:30 pm
Rene Lumene, I am also a Haitian American serving in the United States Army (Atlanta, GA). I share your deep concern... read more >
Wesley Madhere Ii, 6-Jun-08 10:09 pm
Wesley, Well said because I too agree. That amount of work that it is going to take just to rebuild the government... read more >
Rene Lumene, 25-Jun-08 6:22 am


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